Stylized Serissa Foetida Bonsai

Serissa Foetida (Japonica) 6 years old Medium

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With it's its beautiful white, trumpet shaped flowers its not hard to see how this tree earned the name tree of a thousand stars. It's also known as the ladies bonsai with a very mature and elegant look. The leaves are a shiny dark green color. Trained from a young age, in the same style we have several trees of the same size and shape. Each shares this branch and trunk structure along with solid root system. This is a popular style of a popluar tree so if you've been looking for a bonsai as a wedding, housewarming, birthday or anniversary present this will be an excellent choice.. This bonsai prefers indoor conditions and is fairly easy to look after once you manage the watering. Moderate to high light. Keep it warm and indoors
6 Years Old 12" tall