Create your first bonsai from scratch with our complete bonsai kit - available in Canada only<br>

Create Your Own Bonsai- Juniper

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Here is everything you need to create your own first bonsai tree from scratch. This bonsai starter kit is a great idea for the beginner and a really nice idea if you're looking for a gift for a friend or family member.

Here's what's included:
One 6"ceramic bonsai pot
Instruction booklet
Organic fertilizer
Screen to cover the pot's drainage material
Bonsai soil
Decorative gravel
One 2 1/2 year old Juniper bonsai

The basic Kit is only 55.00 and if you want even more, you can choose to start with a different tree or you can order a few kits with different trees.  It's up to you.
This product is only available in Canada for starter kits in the USA Click here. WE're working hard to be more environmentally friendly, replacing plastic bags with recycled newsprint and the bottle of chemical fertilizer with pellets of organic Japanese fertilizer

Customer Reviews

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Alyssa Rushton
Such a great gift idea!

Who wouldn't be happy getting some nature in the mail?!! Especially during a pandemic when we're all stuck inside. Pure nature therapy. My husband loved it. The packaging was adorable and he loved putting it together and learning all about it in the info brochure that came with it. Really great gift!

Darren Manongdo

Create Your Own Bonsai- Juniper

Kevin Johnson

Amazing little tree for our brother in law.

Jan F

Love this kit and adore that it was environmentally friendly. Instructions were clear and easy to follow along. Definitely recommend!

bao huynh

Beautiful, comes looking like the picture.